About the Creators

Nate was born in Shadowlands in the city of Mo to a witch in hiding. He grew up believing in magic, friendship, the power of truth, the resourcefulness of imagination and with a love of books that surpasses all reason. The witch genes he inherited have given him the power of language and since childhood he has been a devotee of many a tongue. Nate  will contribute everything he thinks is worthy to the blog; he is opinionated and passionate – please be careful with your flammables. A graduate from the University of Edinburgh in Italian he is able to conjure for questioning the souls of 14th c. poets and 20th c. playwrights and novelists through sheer mind-power. Due to a decline in comissions he now applies this power to his work for an MSc in Publishing at Edinburgh Napier University. He is a creature of many trades, dabbling in the visual arts, translation, film and prose he finds most happiness, however, in promoting the work of others. 

Cat, as the name suggests, is a temperamental, shadowy creature. Little is known about her as she appears to prefer a certain level of anonymity.  Her posts appear rarely but with effect not without vigorous prompting from her co writer Nate


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