A wee life update.


A lot has happened in the last year.

A dissertation on Digital Spaces and Translated Fiction was written.

A graduation. I am now a proud bearer of an MSc in Publishing from the Edinburgh Napier University.

An engagement.

Moving houses. Moving towns.

First Christmas and New Year away from family.


Just look at that diffused sunshine…

Then I went and got married to my incredible partner on the most cheesiest, corniest day of the year – 14th of February. We will struggle to book a table at a nice place to celebrate our anniversary but we will always remember the date!

Then I went and launched a publishing press – Knight Errant Press. We are currently busy putting together our first project: F, M or Other: Quarrels with the Gender Binary. I even managed to rope in a talented Editor and a fellow ENU colleague (Rhiannon Tate) to join my wee team. All in all it is going quite well. There is a lot of learning-on-the-go but, so far,  I am enjoying it. Watch this space, or even better – the Press’ website, for more news and updates.


I’ve set myself a more realistic reading target this year – 36 books. I’ve read 5 so far, these:


I’m an avid library user and most of my reviews are on Goodreads.

Currently juggling: 

Jackie Kay’s Red Dust Road

J.M Coetzee The Lives of Animals 

Helen McClory’s Flesh of the Peach [eBook received via Netgalley, due for a review in this blog once I am done with it!]